DCC Programmer

Sometimes a tool that does a single job but does it very well is a tool worth having.
Broadway Limited

A handheld DCC programmer

A handheld DCC programmer

in the USA have come up with a device that is self powered, hand held and simple, that just programmes DCC chips with their address. Connect it to a programming track, place a loco on the track and turn on the device.

The display then shows you the current address of the loco. Change the address and press save and the loco is updated. And that is it. Well it does a couple of other tricks, including resetting the chip to factory default by cycling through all the known methods used by different manufacturers.

Now you can do this with your DCC controller of choice but not so easily. Broadway are asking $80 for this box of tricks. And that is my biggest problem. If it was £20 I would buy it now, but not at that price. Hopefully Broadway will do well and with economies of scale the price will come down.

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