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Hornby 2020 Catalogue Cover

Recent Hornby catalogue covers have featured a specially commissioned painting. These have shown a locomotive that Hornby are releasing during the year. This year is special, however, as it is 100 years since Frank Hornby released his first model train … Continue reading

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Peco News-Spring Report 2020

Peco have released their Spring Report 2020 which can be downloaded below. It contains the OO Bullhead Medium Points that I am waiting for, but no details of release date or price (Page 5). They will ask later for ideas … Continue reading

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Peco Pointwork

I am very excited by the Peco Bullhead Rail range. I hope to build a model using it this year, but at the moment the only pointwork available are large radius. I was told at the Warley show the medium … Continue reading

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Leamington Spa

I had the opportunity to organise a trip to Peter Waterman’s excellent O Gauge model of Leamington Spa for the ORS. He and his team are attempting to re-create a model of both the GWR and LMS stations in the … Continue reading

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Railway Modeller and Bullhead Rail

As my regular readers will know, I am a little obsessed with the new Bullhead Rail from Peco. The next issue of Railway Modeller starts a series of articles on how to use the rail. My other articles are Peco on … Continue reading

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Peco Code 75 Bullhead Expands

I have spoken before about Peco’s new British code 75 OO track-Peco on the right track. I am really excited about it for a new GWR/BR(W) branch line. They introduced the flexible track first and now large radius points are … Continue reading

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London Underground Display

I have mentioned before that the London Transport Museum Shop released a model (commissioned from Bachmann) of it’s new S Stock underground train. Over the summer they released a display case for it. It consists of a free-standing perspex tube … Continue reading

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WycRail 2017 4th November

Please try to visit my club’s annual exhibition-WycRail17 on Saturday 4th November. A short drive from junction 4 of the M40. Click here for more information.

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LNER Dynamometer Car

The world of model railways has taken some odd turns in recent years. The startup costs for a new model are huge so manufacturer’s have to make sure they will sell enough models at the right price to get their … Continue reading

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Nothing Much

The trouble with having a blog post that highlights an event, is that when that event has happened, your blog looks stupid. So here is a picture from a recent holiday in Scotland so I am not directing you to … Continue reading

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