LNER Dynamometer Car

LNER Dynamometer 1938

The world of model railways has taken some odd turns in recent years. The startup costs for a new model are huge so manufacturer’s have to make sure they will sell enough models at the right price to get their investment back. But now we also have model shops commissioning new models and therefore taking the risk.

So who would think it was a good idea to model a unique 4 vehicle train that never saw revenue service-the APT-E. And what happened? It sold out!

And now we have Rails of Sheffield commissioning Rapido Trains to make a one off coach, admittedly with a unique history. It is promised to be of a very high quality. At a time when a good quality RTR coach is £50, Rails will be asking £125 each. Yikes.

The coach is part of Rails new high quality Exclusive range. One of the models represents the coach that recorded the record breaking run of the Mallard locomotive in 1938. Another model is the coach at the birth of British Railways and as used during the 1948 Locomotive Exchanges.

There have been several high quality releases that garnered very high praise from reviews. We will have to wait to see how good it actually is and if it is worth the money. But the answer to the last question is up to you.

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2 Responses to LNER Dynamometer Car

  1. Adrian says:

    What actually IS a Dynameter car, and why is it notable enough for them to make the model?

  2. smoppett says:

    I have corrected the spelling! A Dynamometer car is a mobile laboratory used to test locomotives. It has various instruments and paper traces to record a locomotive performance. Therefore it was ideal to accurately record the speed of Mallard on it’s record-breaking run.

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