London Underground Display

London Transport Display Tube

I have mentioned before that the London Transport Museum Shop released a model (commissioned from Bachmann) of it’s new S Stock underground train. Over the summer they released a display case for it. It consists of a free-standing perspex tube that holds a 4 car train (not a full 8 car train). This is a very good idea but they are asking £150 for it which seems very steep. If it had been available at a better price at the same time when I ordered my original model, I may have bought one, but not unless the price drops significantly. You can find it here.

BTW They have released a differently numbered 4 car set and some single coaches to make up full 7 and 8 car sets found here. There is also lighting and sound unit available. This is self powered and lights 4 coaches but also makes a door sound if the unit is stationary for a few seconds.

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