Peco Code 75 Bullhead Expands

I have spoken before about Peco’s new British code 75 OO track-Peco on the right track. I am really excited about it for a new GWR/BR(W) branch line. They introduced the flexible track first and now large radius points are available. But they are too large for my needs. I would prefer medium points.

The points all use a type of frog that is new to the UK market-Unifrog. They are supposed to offer the best of insulfrog and electrofrog. There is a very good explanation of Unifrog in the Railway Modeller November 2017.

Announced in March 2018 Railway Modeller, Peco is to soon introduce the crossing, single slip, and double slip, which is a bit of a surprise. The text also mentions medium radius points (hurah) later this year.

I had better get my design buttoned down.

(If the Peco web site was better organised, I would link to the landing page for Peco Code 75 Bullhead products, which Peco would change as more products were added).

RM Mar2018X

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