ExpoEM 2015

Leighton Buzzard by Peter DennyThere are some very important milestones in the model railway world. Some of them are exhibition layouts, and some never leave home.

One of them is Buckingham by Rev Peter Denny. To get a feel of how significant this model is, you have to read the Railway Modeller magazines of the time, and see the quality of The Railway of the Month to realise just how good Buckingham was. Peter Denny began building Buckingham in the early fifties, and to him OO gauge wasn’t good enough so it was built to 18mm gauge or EM. It was a fictional depiction of the Great Central and was usually run by himself and his son Crispin. When Crispin became less available to help in operating, Peter built an electro-mechanical computer to help with operation-this was christened Automatic Crispin.Crispin Denny operating Leighton Buzzard

Peter also added a branch line to a terminus called Leighton Buzzard.

When Peter died in 2009 his sons sought a new home for Buckingham.

It was with great delight that when I visited ExpoEM in Bracknell last weekend, the Buckingham branch Leighton Buzzard was on view, with the fiddle yard (actually a rotating sector plate) operated by Crispin.

What struck me was how small it was, and how much Peter had managed to squeeze into the space without making the model feel cramped. The model was of a very high standard and of the same quality as others in the room, but it was forty years old-a great achievement.

Some more details and pictures here.

A view through the bridge Leighton Buzzard by Peter Denny

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