N Gauge Elevator

Sometimes you come across a new product that, on the one hand takes your breath away, makes you question why it hasn’t been done before, and even if it is a solution looking for a problem. I guess I have just described the viewing experience of Dragon’s Den.

At the N Gauge Show last weekend at the Warwick Exhibition Centre I noticed what I thought was a nice glass display case containing complete trains, the like of which are made by several manufacturers such as Picture Pride.

When I circled the show again I took a closer look and was astonished to find what I can only describe as a double, vertical, electric, sector plate. It held complete trains, on shelves and at the touch of a button those shelves would go up and down and auto align with your tracks. The test layout had entry/exit paths on two levels.

The Nelevation shown at the N Gauge Show in Warwick

The Nelevation shown at the N Gauge Show in Warwick

It is called Nelevation (N Elevation) and further details can be found on their web site.

I was told the kit version would cost about £600, but when you look at the space needed to fan out the tracks on the level, and the number of points required, the costs start to get closer. It will also be available assembled.

I am so impressed by the product (but not the name, but then I can’t think of a better one), and wish the manufacturer well.

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